Pur-Lean Soft Foam

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Pur-Lean Soft Foam, 2 components.

Pur-Lean Soft Foam, 2 components.

Mixing ratio: 2 parts A to 1 part B

Our PU flexible foam is a cold foam system used for »free« foaming.
That means that you can work using simple aids such as e.g. bags or simple cardboard strips.
Ideal working temperature is 20-22°C.

The flexible foam is mixed at a ratio of 100:50g up to 100:68g (A:B).
Reaction starts after approx. 1 min.

The volume increases five times during the reaction from raw material to the finished product.
Before processing, component A has to be stirred up using a rotary whisk until small bubbles are formed.

Stir up again well after adding component B, then pour it into the mould.
Allow the flexible foam to cure/cool down for at least 2 hours after foaming (in case of larger models, the curing time is correspondingly longer).
The foam can then be machined using all commercially available milling, grinding and cutting tools.

Please note that the foam reaches temperatures of up to approx. 45 °C during reaction (foaming)!